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Welcome to Natural Steps

Choosing the right early childhood centre is a huge decision; perhaps even one of the most important choices you will make for your child and your family

You need to be certain that your child is cared for in an environment that fits well with your family values, provides natural educational opportunities and develops confidence, friendships and self-awareness along the way. Most of all, you want your child to be happy, cared for and to have fun.

At Natural Steps we believe we meet those challenges. Our carefully thought-out curriculum, experienced team and well designed centres are here to support and nurture the children in our care, working with you to give them the best possible start in life. 

Latest Centre News

  • NSE Children Supporting the Community

    NS ELLERSLIE Children Supporting the Community
    Friday 29th August is Daffodil Day. In the morning our preschool (and some nursery) children will be walking down to the Marua Road shops, where they will be selling the flower biscuits that they have been baking and decorating all week.

  • NSEV  Infants enjoying ICT

    NS ELLERSLIE VILLAGE Toddlers enjoying ICT
    Tablet ownership has more than doubled in the past few years – and as many parents are finding, children are highly proficient at using them. It is another curriculum area our children enjoy.

  • NSA Visitor to our Centre

    NS ALBANY Welcome Visitors to the Centre
    6'10" Tall Black, Jack Salt visited our centre before he leaves of University of Virginia, USA.