The Centre

The centre consists of two beautiful villas.  Both villas have been renovated and have beautiful large outdoor areas with mature trees that provide shade and play areas for the children. We are open 8am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Teacher to Child Ratios+

We maintain quality ratios.

Bambino Room, 1:4 for infants; Piccolo Room, 1:5 for toddlers and Preschool Villa, 1:8 for preschool children.

Bambino Piccolo Villa.  Preschool Villa+

Bambino Room.  Our nurturing nursery.

We believe that to understand and know the child there must be consistency of care.  Therefore, we practice whānau care.  This is when one teacher will take the lead role in caring for the child during the day, with the other teachers working in a support role.  This approach is based on a stance of utmost respect for the child. 

With the comfort of knowing that a familiar adult is close by we have created a peaceful environment which allows children to discover as much as possible on their own. 

Piccolo Room.  Our adventurous toddlers.

We have outstanding teacher to child ratios in this room.  1 teacher to 5 children when the Ministry of Education state a 1/10 ratio.  We recognise that this age group display a range of emotions – such as happiness, sadness, anger and fear and the best care and education this age group can receive is caring knowledgeable adults to support there emotional and social development.

To support our toddlers to grow self-regulation skills we also have a lot of space inside and outside for them to move and multiplies of the same toys (sharing will be learnt) so everyone can play.

Preschool Villa.  Our big preschoolers.

Children are now provided with age specific activities that are designed around developmental stages. The program supports independence, group and individual learning experiences. A range of indoor and outdoor activities and resources are available throughout the day.  We have a strong focus on assisting children in discovering who they are, so they can express their own opinions and nurture their own ideas.

Nappies and Toilet Learning+

To help our busy parents all disposable nappies are provided for children in the centre.   If you wish to provide your own nappies please let the centre know.

As your child starts the journey from nappies to underpants, please don’t worry. We are here to support your child - it is all a learning process.  

Statutory Holidays and Christmas Break+

We close for statutory holidays.  Normal fees apply.

The Christmas Break is for 2 weeks and no fees will be charged.  2019. We close on Tuesday 24th December 2019 at 3pm.  The centre will open on Monday, 6th January 2020 at 8am.


Our aim is to encourage healthy eating habits. Cooked by our in-house cook we provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. The current menu is displayed in both villa's and is on a 4 weekly rotation.

With assistance from teachers children are taught to self-serve their food and use real crockery, glassware and utensils. We are helping our children to develop healthy habits and healthy hearts for life.

Allergies, Food Intolerance and Special Dietary Requirements

This is a shared responsibility of the child’s family and the centre. It is recorded on the child’s enrolment form and in our computer software package.  Our chef and your child’s teachers are well informed of your child’s requirements while at the centre.

Please let your child’s teacher know if you send food in with your child.  No chewing gum, lollies or food that contains peanuts are permitted into the centre.  We are a NO NUT Centre.


In the preschool playground we have a trampoline that the child enjoy jumping on and provides a fun way for children to access exercise.  It is used with safety net and safety pads in place.  Safety rules on how to use the trampoline are regularly taught to the children.

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