Natural Steps ALBANY Fees

As from February 2022


All Ages

6 Hr Day   Daily

Over 3's(with 20 hours)

6 Hr Day              Daily


$50.00               $140.00

$30.00                             $100.00


per day              $210.00

per day                            $150.00







Child Holidays+

Children are allocated 2 weeks holiday per year, after 3 months from starting.   And an addition 2 weeks is available to take during the Christmas break.  Holiday allocation must be taken in week blocks and can be used for sickness and/or holidays.  Parents have to provide a written request to receive the allocation,  Holidays cannot be paid out or used in lieu of payment,  If your child is away over and above the allocation the full fee will be charged to hold their place at the centre,  The allocation runs from 1 January to 31 December of the same year.  Unused weeks are not able to be carried over to the following year.

Christmas Holiday+

The centre has a Christmas Holiday available for families for 2 weeks. No fees are charged.

Christmas Holiday 2021 is available from Monday 25th December 2022 to Friday 6th January 2023. Please email the centre if you what like to take advantage of this holiday break and receive NO FEES. 

We will be closing at 3 pm on Friday, 22th December 2021.  During the Christmas period we are closed for statutory days only.  If your child is attending, normal fees apply.

20 Hours ECE+

Natural Steps has opted into the "20 hours" scheme - ensuring that all our parents of 3 and 4 year olds will be receiving a saving on their weekly fees. Funding rates for "20 hours" have been calculated to cover the bare minimum regulated standard of education and care. However at Natural Steps we provide well above the minimum funded standards through the provision of our outstanding early childhood education.

Unfortunately this does mean that our current operating costs for "20 hours" are not fully covered by government funding. In order for us to opt into the scheme, all 3 and 4 year olds must be enrolled for a minimum of 2 full days per week. We do not offer half/ part days or sessional education care for these children. As we cannot charge parents for the 20 hours (maximum of 6 hours per day), we have had to build in a chargeable portion of each day.

We understand that this can be confusing so if you have any further queries regarding the "20 hours" Government policy, please see us at the Centre.

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